Monday, February 27, 2012

The Kitchen & Bath Remodel "Decision Pyramid"

Have you found yourself staring at your kitchen, thinking it looks tired, and imagining it with a whole new look? Does your bathroom seem dated or drab? It's probably time for a kitchen or bath remodel.

So where do you start? First, you'll need an expert to help you through the kitchen and bath remodeling process. At House Calls Maintenance, we've been doing renovations for years, and we can steer you through all the renovation stages with ease - ensuring you end up with the kitchen or bath you want.
Here's how we'll help you begin the process

Think of your remodel as a pyramid with 3 "decision" levels. Start with the big concepts, then continue to hone your decisions until you've got a clear-cut plan that fits beautifully into your budget.


Overall style
Your first decision will be to choose the overall style of your remodel. You might want to be sure it blends well with the style of the rest of your house, or, you might like to depart just a bit. Do you want a country look? European? Traditional? Contemporary?

Set a reasonable budget and stick to it           
Don't just pull a number out of the air; do your homework and research what cabinets, countertops, tile, appliances, flooring and fixtures cost. Look at top of the line products, middle-of-the-road, and economy-based products. Be sure to pencil in labor costs, too. If you've got $10,000 to spend, but your dream bathroom would cost $15,000, you'll know you have to rein in your expectations.

Determine your priorities
Unless you've got an unlimited budget, you'll have to decide what's most important to you, and what you can live without. Go with what will create the most impact. Would you like to have beautiful rustic tile on the floor of the bathroom and the shower surround? Then you'll probably have to settle for more moderately-priced cabinets and sink, and go with fairly standard fixtures.



Choose your cabinets
Keeping your overall style choice in mind, you'll need to choose your cabinet style and stain or paint color. Remember to consider the wall and floor colors of the room. If you haven't decided your wall color, now is a good time to get serious about it. You'll also need to coordinate your countertop.

Choose your fixtures
Remember that fixtures exude just as much style (or lack thereof) as any other component in your remodel, so choose carefully and ensure that they go with the overall look you have in mind. And there are more color choices now in fixtures than ever before. Are the fixtures durable? If your budget allows, get fixtures from well-known, time-tested manufacturers.

Choose your appliances           
Not only can you choose between white, black or stainless, but there are now different stainless options. Appliance manufacturers are designing less expensive appliances that are white or black with stainless accents. This can give you that "upgrade" effect without busting your budget.
Be sure to check on the electronic features on the appliances as well, so you'll know what's a must-have, and what you can consider optional.



Reassess your choices        
After the fun of choosing your cabinets, fixtures and appliances, (or tubs, sinks, vanities and marble), chances are you're not even in the ballpark when it comes to your budget. So reassess what's most important to you, and what will make the most impact.

Then make up your mind to be comfortable with having to make more economical choices with other things. If you really want top-of-the-line granite countertops, then be OK with middle-of-the-road cabinets. You've already got the "wow" factor with the granite, so perhaps the cabinets might not have to be top-of-the-line.
We're experts in home remodeling. We can help you with all of your decisions at every level, so that every component of your redesign works together as a cohesive, stylish and welcoming whole, no matter what your budget. And with our quality work and installation, you'll be thrilled with the outcome. Call us for an appointment to talk about your home remodel today.

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